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Outland Workshops

For Details As They Unfold

Jae, 575-421-2533

 Outlandish Women's Adobe Building
Workshop Series
Available depending on Jae's health

Any woman can built— and I mean that literally. We simply need self-confidence. Naturally, a few basic tools and a little experience help too. This Workshop does it all.
     I have built houses on Lesbian Lands in several states. My then-partner and I built our fist home because it was the only way we could afford to have one— all either one of us had ever built before was a bookshelf.  Smile, true story. 
     Focus is a blend of experiences that draw us into our biggest Selves— where we find self-confidence and confidence in Self. The goal is for each woman to return home confident and able to start building a small house.
     Besides hands-on construction experience, there is equal focus on Creativity, Connection, Healing and a range of other expanding activities. That Big Self again. Smile.
     I am just planning the Workshop Series now and it looks fantastic. We will almost certainly run weekly workshops from April 11- June 30 and likely through August.
     Each week will focus on the current stage of Adobe House and other structures construction as well as a complete review of all building priciples, tool use, saftety measures, accessibility issues, etc. 
     Every other week or so we will also feature a Mini-Workshop Intensive on some aspect of Building (like Basic Photovoltaic Electric System), Creativity (like How To: Pit-Fired Pottery), or Healing and Wellness (like Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine).
    Workshops are on a sliding scale and include:  instruction and instruction materials, hands-on expereiece, an extensive tool kit, bed, food and a range of activities to promote personal growth, connection, creativity and healing.    

     I sure hope you can Join us for the Fun!  And, every week will indeed be fantastic-- choose the weeks that fit your interest and schedule.  Complete details at:

  Jae/Outland/Maize, 575-421-2533